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Grinding machines for straight blades ZX-L



Sharpening machine for straight blades

The ZX-L sharpening machine can be available in two versions: with a useful grinding length of 1230 mm or 1400 mm.


With its magnetic swivel plate, it is ideal for sharpening paper knives, wood crusher knives and recycling blades (plastic crusher) with max.

of 250 mm.


In addition, it is possible to sharpen planer blades, profiled hard metal inserts (with specific optional magnetic plate) as well as disposable Tersa type blades (with specific optional locking device).

Main Features:

· Steel tank; Linear guides of the carriage with recirculating ball bearings;

· 1.5 kW (2 HP) grinding wheel motor at 2800 rpm;

· Group of manual or automatic descent of the grinding wheel with wire increment;

· Automatic shutdown at the preset level;

Head tilt for concave sharpening;

· Mechanical turntable 0 ° - 90 °;

· Cooling pump;

· Trolley drive by means of a chain.

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