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MX-150 Industrial Knife and Blade Grinders



Sharpening machine for industrial knives and blades

MVM Srl produces machines for 50 years to sharpen and grind straight blades to meet all our customer requirements.


The MX150 is ideal for those who sharpen high quantities of guillotine blades, wood chippers , plastic grinders, planer irons, etc. This sharpener is characterized by high precision and high speed of execution . The MX150 accessories have features suitable for sharpening and grinding industrial carbide (HM) and HSS steel knives and blades.

Main Features:

Head and chuck without vibrations and noise

Drive of the carriage by a toothed belt which allows a smooth translation

High flow coolant watering of the piece to be sharpened with two pipes on each side PLC (digital programmer)

Automatic and programmable working cycle and icing by PLC

· Electromagnetic plate swiveling from 0 ° to 90 °

Adjustable limit switches for carriage speed from 1 to 20 m / min

· Devices projects Possibilities for clamping the special execution blades

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