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Carbu Diam puts forward its leadership by having consolidated an exclusive partnership with MVM a world class partner based in Italy.

Through our company you can have direct access to a wide range of products combining great sharpening precision, product reliability and all at competitive prices. It was natural for Carbu Diam to represent at the Canadian level, MVM.

Special tools

The Magnetic chuck

Manual Edge Honing

aimants1MVM-removebg-preview (1).png

The magnetic plate can be:

  • Magnet that can magnetize carbide

  • Can be mechanically fixed using the perimeter holes

This tool is available in three sizes:

  • mm 200 x 70 x 20

  • mm 400 x 70 x 20

  • mm 600 x 70 x 20

  • Other dimensions on request

The manual deburrer:


Is a device that allows to remove burrs from the blades with all types of angles, by means of 4 Arkansas rotating stones (natural stone).


The end result is operator dependent. The device is equipped with a graduated scale for the angular opening.

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