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Knife sharpening machines for circular knives and blades LA 300

THE 300


LA300 Sharpening machine for knives and circular blades

The LA300 is a machine that sharpens circular blades and counter-blades.


Practical and comfortable thanks to its compactness and ease of use.


You can sharpen circular blades up to Ø300mm in diameter with 0 ° -70 ° rotating head, grinding wheel motor power 1.5 kW, automatic working cycle, blade support speed variator.


It is particularly suitable for sharpening blades in the fabric sector.

On demand:

  • · Basement

  • Blade speed variator

  • Grinding wheel motor power 1.5 kW

  • Grinding wheel diameter 127 mm

  • Maximum external diameter of the blade 300 mm

  • Blade speed variator 3-35 rpm (revolutions / minute)

  • Overall dimensions 700x500 x1500 mm

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