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Sander for circular knives SM-500

SM 500


SM500 Sander for circular knives

The SM500 model is a sander for circular beveled or toothed discs, which allows the lapping of the surface of the disc body to remove oxidation, resin, encrustation, heat treatment stains and polish it, bringing it back to its original thickness without alterations.


This lapping operation is necessary for better tightening of the disc during work or sharpening.


It is advisable to combine the sander with the LA500 model to clean the discs before the sharpening operation.

Grinding wheel motor power 0.25 kW

Table motor power 0.25 kW

Grinding wheel diameter Ø200 mm

Power of the arm feed motor 0.06 Kw

Sanding tape dimension 628x35 mm

Grinding wheel rotation speed 1500 rpm

Plate rotation speed 110 rpm

Maximum outer diameter of the blade 500 mm

Compressed air required min. 6-7 bar

Overall dimensions 100x100 x130 cm

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