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Grinding and sharpening machine with industrial knives and blades

KX 250

KX 250


Grinding and sharpening machine for industrial knives and blades

The KX250 sharpener model allows you to sharpen all types of blade such as blades used in the paper and cardboard sector, grinder blades (wood, plastic, rubber, cables, etc.), unwinder blades, Guillotine blades and knives with the carbide edge.


This machine is also used for the grinding of plates and mechanical parts. The KX250 is available in various lengths from 1000mm to 7100mm and longer for special requests.

Technical characteristics :

· Head without vibrations and noise; Lateral and upper anti-friction pads for the movement of the carriage covered with PTFE;

· Trolley drive by toothed belt which allows a smooth translation and the absence of backlash;

· Variable carriage stroke and speed;

· Large flow of coolant liquid on the workpiece by 3 diffusers, one of which is central in the axis of the grinding wheel;

· Automatic working cycle and glazing by PLC;

· Angular divider for the rotation of the plate with mechanical brake +/- 90 °;

· Transverse head position adjustment by handwheel.

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