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Our experience will guide you in your choice of grinding wheels.

Meules Diamants  CBN
Meules électroplaqué
Meules silicone carbide et céramique

Details on grading and concentration

Detail on the shapes of the grinding wheels

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels for cutting tools | HSS and Tungsten Carbide





Carbu-Diam is a Canadian manufacturer of industrial diamond and CBN products.

Carbu-Diam invites you to discover its wide range of tailor-made products:

  • High precision, resin bonded diamond grinding wheels for all cutting and sharpening cutting tool applications.

The demand for high quality tools for cutting, grinding, sharpening, grinding and shaping will continue to increase. To meet these new needs, we are developing Super-Abrasive Diamond and CBN tools.





Electro-plated Diamond and CBN wheels






















Carbu-Diam also offers a wide range of Electroplated tools.

Electro-deposited diamond tools have a high concentration of diamond or CBN particles plated on the periphery of the tool.


We find Electro-plated tools in hardened metal grinding applications, cast iron, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, fiberglass and rubber. They allow greater cutting efficiency.


Carbu-diam-Artboard Logo transparent.png
Meules diamants et CBN
Meules électrodéposées ( electro-plated )
Carbu-diam-Artboard Logo transparent.png
Carbu-diam-Artboard Logo transparent.png
Meules diamant et CBN
Meule électro-déposées ( electro-plated )

What does CBN mean?

Cubic boron nitride, used for grinding hard metals.

Able to work at high temperature due to their very high thermal and chemical stability.

Electroplated grinding wheels for bandsaw sharpening, all standard wheel shapes are available. Possibility also to have custom dimensions.

Suitable for Wood-Mizer or other machines.

Meules électroplaqué Woodmizer.JPG

Silicone Carbide Abrasive Wheels | Aluminum Oxide | Ceramic

Meules Abrasives silicone carbide
Meules abrasives, silicone carbide, aluminium oxyde, céramique
Carbu-diam-Artboard Logo transparent.png

We use abrasive wheels in metal roughing and sharpening operations.

We have a wide range of high quality grinding wheels. Our blends and grades of abrasive will allow you to obtain effective results at competitive prices.

We have perfected the recipes with our distributors to improve the efficiency of the grinding wheels according to your operations.

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