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Knife sharpeners for bandsaw blades SX-80

SX80 Sharpening machine for bandsaw blades

The professional SX80 band saw blade sharpener has been designed to resharpen wood band saw blades, tapes with carbide and stellite teeth, tapes with Woodmizer H22 profile, tapes with variable pitch and special tapes for cutting plastic or food-grade materials.


The SX80 dramatically reduces sharpening times and improves ribbons cutting quality (better service life), thanks to superabrasive grinding wheels (Borazon or diamond), the ribbon drive speed variator, and the speed variator grinding wheel with cooling system; these

These characteristics allow more material to be removed for each pass and at the same time guarantee very good results.


Main Features:

· Head box made entirely of cast iron

Gears and mechanics in oil bath (10 kg.)

Ribbon drive without vibrations

Very sensitive settings guarantee very good precision

Speed ​​variator for the advancement of the tape

Grinding wheel speed variator

· Cooling system

CBN or diamond grinding wheel


Ribbon width 8-80 mm

Tooth pitch 1-30 mm

Tape thickness 0.4-2mm

Grinding wheel motor 0.50 kW

Ribbon drive motor 0.50 kW

Pump motor 0.06 kW

Feeding speed of the tape 9-100 teeth / mm

Grinding wheel diameter 150 mm

Grinding wheel centering 20 mm

Net weight 310 kg

Overall dimensions 1000 mm 1400 mm

Height from 2000 mm to 3200 mm


SX 80

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