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Knife sharpeners

LA-500 LA-700

LA 500 | 700

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Sharpening machine for circular knives with rotating plate

The LA500 is an easy-to-use, versatile and unique grinding machine. It combines 3 characteristics allowing the sharpening of circular knives up to 500 mm and the grinding of plates, tools and chopping grids: rotating head from 0 ° to 70 °, automatic work cycle, and plate speed variator turning.


Its rigid bottom, its heavy structure and its perfect balance of load allow the LA500 to work without vibrations with little roughness and in perfect finishes.


The LA500 is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 2.2 or 3.7 kW (3 or 5 hp), a head rotation of 0 ° to 70 °, a cup wheel diam. 150 mm, a programmable work cycle with a centesimal descent of the grinding wheel by automatic motorized increment, a reversal of the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel, and a plate speed variator (3/35 rpm ).


It can also be equipped with a magnetic plate 300-350-400 mm in diameter, a magnetic or paper scrubber with external tray, a PLC with glazing and automatic lifting of the grinding wheel at the end of the cycle (LA500 version NC), a grinding wheel speed variator (3000-6000 rpm), a cabin with suction system, an adjustable column for the grinding of parts up to 280 mm in height (75 mm in standard).


It is also available in the LA700 version for sharpening circular blades up to 700 mm in diameter and in the LA700 / 90 version for sharpening discs with 90 ° angle.

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