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Grinding machine for industrial blades

FX 20


Grinding machine for industrial blades

The FX20 is available with different sharpening lengths of 1500 mm. to 7100 mm., and more for special requests.


This machine is characterized by its high power of the grinding wheel motor, and allows blade manufacturers to produce and sharpen large knives and parts.


This model is available with a swivel magnetic plate for any type of sharpening or with a fixed magnetic plate for the grinding of parts.

Main Features:

· Electro-permanent swivel magnetic plate (width 150 mm);

· Angular divider for the rotation of the magnetic plate +/- 90 °;

· 15kW (20HP) grinding wheel motor;

· Crown with segments diam. 200 mm;

· Quick grinding wheel change system;

· Variable carriage speed from 1 to 30 m / min. with electromechanical inversion and adjustment of the longitudinal stroke;

· Automatic descent of the grinding wheel with programming of the total and partial pass setting controlled by a digital programmer (PLC);

· Programmable work cycles: roughing, finishing and glazing;

· Controls for rapid descent and ascent of the grinding wheel and slow descent;

· Grinding wheel axis adjustable from 0 ° to 3 ° in the longitudinal direction to the magnetic plate;

· External tank for the coolant, equipped with an electro-pump with a flow rate of 140 l / min.

FX 20

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