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PX sharpener / grinder



The PX sharpening / grinding machine is the first professional model in the MVM product line.


Different versions are available with grinding lengths of 1000 mm, 1350 mm, 1750 mm.


The PX model makes it possible to work in an automated way by digital programming (PLC) with partial pass taking on reversing the carriage to the left and / or to the right, glazing, and automatic stop of the sharpening cycle.


This model is therefore recommended for sharpening all types of industrial blades, including paper / stationery knives, cutter blades (wood crusher), blades for recycling (plastic, PET, etc.), guillotine blades, cutters and blades with part in carbide.

Main Features:

· Trolley speed variator 1-20 m / min; 2.2 kW (3 HP) grinding wheel motor at 2800 rpm with Ø150 mm grinding wheel; Automatic work cycle with adjustment of the lowering in steps of 0.002 mm and automatic stop at preset value;

· Glazing with stop of the carriage to the right of the frame;

· Head tilt for sharpening concave knives;

· Hardened and rectified guides covered with replaceable steel bands; Tray

rotating from 0 ° to 90 °; PLC (digital programmer);

· Refrigeration system with external tank and pump; Switches for stroke reduction; Trolley drive with a toothed belt that allows smooth translation.

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