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  • Alex Côté

CBN grinding wheels

What is CBN? Here is our definition: Cubic boron nitride, used for grinding hard metals. Capable of working at high temperatures due to their very high thermal and chemical stability. Diamond or CBN super-abrasive grinding wheels consist of a body to which is attached an abrasive belt made up of grains bound together by a binder. A wheel well suited to the material to be machined and the working conditions will perform the operation efficiently and economically. The advantages of CBN grinding wheels are: Long life expectancy Perfect balance, less vibrations Reduced wheel deformation Less reduction in diameter, therefore simplified adjustments for sharpening. CBN is a very heat resistant abrasive, a better thermal conductor than the bonded abrasives used in standard grinding wheels. This allows you to easily grind even very hard steels. Each wheel is precision machined to meet our customers' exact dimensions.

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