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  • Alex Côté

Carbu-Diam : Knife sharpening specialist

Carbu Diam has been working in the field for over 30 years. Our specialization in sharpening cutting tools allows us to support our business partners in choosing and improving sharpening processes and tools. We are able to guide you in choosing the right machine for your sharpening needs. With our partner which is MVM International, we are able to offer a wide range of products. We will be able to recommend the best machine for your business. You can consult our Knife Sharpening section on our website to see the range of machines we offer: Our large choice in inventory and or on order allows us to offer machines for all types of budget. We also have the opportunity to have several options depending on the requirements of our customers working in the manufacture of sharpening products. Knife sharpening is an operation that must be kept simple with the right tools. The performance of the products we offer leads us to improve processes, and sharpening time, but also allows the automation of certain processes, the result for the customer is therefore to be able to be more efficient in terms of productivity. Contact us to order or discuss the right machine for your business:

The Carbu-Diam team

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