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Carbu-Diam is making a major investment! New arrival: grinding machine and knife sharpening machine

Recently we received our order for machinery coming directly from Italy from our partner MVM International.

Several of the machines received were expected for some of our customers and already deliveries have been made, and the machines are currently operational.

On our side we had ordered a 5 meter KX-250 which will be used by Carbu-Diam for sharpening and making knives.

This completely new machine will allow us to reduce our production time and expand the offer for our customers.

We will therefore be able to sharpen knives over 200 inches in length.

The KX250 sharpener model allows you to sharpen all types of blades such as blades used in the paper and cardboard sector, crusher blades (wood, plastic, rubber, cables, etc.), unwinder blades, Guillotine blades and knives with carbide cutting edge.
This machine is also used for the grinding of plates and mechanical parts.

Contact us to get your quote:

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