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About Carbu Diam

Carbu Diam is led by Alexandre Côté, its President, and his team of nearly 15 employees.


The competence of the company rests on the fact that they are leaders in their field, by the proximity that they have with the customers, which allows them to be able to play a role of impact on the processes of those- this.

By supporting customers and enhancing their business model with tailor-made products, the Carbu Diam company is positioning itself as a pioneer in its industry.

The diversity in the products, whether we are talking about grinding wheels, industrial knives or knife sharpeners, makes Carbu Diam the ideal pan-Canadian partner.

We also have exclusive world-class partner representation to provide you with access to products that will be of significant benefit to your business.

Contact us in order to carry out your projects efficiently and in an optimized way,

Alexandre Cote


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