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Grinding Wheels

Diamond - CBN | Electroplated | Silicone Carbide - Ceramic

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Carbu - Diam

Carbu Diam is the leader manufacturer of Diamond and CBN wheels in Canada. Based in Colbert industrial park in Quebec city, the company has been in business for over 30 years.

We are a manufacturer of custom grinding wheels, our expertise will allow you to optimize your sharpening and improve the operations necessary for your tools production.


Our ability to adapt to your operations, as well as our competence in optimizing your sharpening processes will be an asset for your business.

Carbu-Diam puts all his knowledge and expertise in industrial and technological at your service.

We are the best partner for you!

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2020 Carbu Diam  I  Leader Manufacturer of Diamond Grinding Wheels and CBN in Quebec City                                   418 651 9211 - 1877 651 9211

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